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Find back symbology, projection with .shp, .dbf, .sbn, .sbx

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 15, 2012
Original User: Cartable

I started a map of Moscow in my former school in France, just by myslef. I drew it with Geoconcept because I was accustomed to it, with some google earth screen print, and I was right because I have to finish it now.
I took, I think, all my datas in an USB key before going here, I finally got the 60 days trial version of Arcgis and I'd like to finish it.

The issue is that when I charged the shape files, there is nothing anymore about :

  • projection : I used UTM 37 (37 for Moscow, as I remember, I haven't checked on wikipedia). I mean, it shows now when I move the mouse right coordinates but it doesn't know anymore the unit.

  • all my symboligies, including pictures I was importing.

Here are screen prints about where I was 4 mounths ago and what I have now (it's not the same scale, the today's version represent the general map, the version of this summer, just the North-west, because I had decided that the map was 1/20 000).
Then, I show the list of the files I had registered. As I read, the interesting for me is .dbf because it's about atributes, but how import all in Arctool box ?

I'll have another question, later. It will be about cyrillic alphabet, how to allow it, can I create 2 name collumns (1 latin version, another russian).