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"Search" tool doesn't find files, even after indexing

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 14, 2012
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Original User: DeSchlong

I'm having trouble getting the search tool (eg., the tab in ArcCatalog) to find my geodatabase features and geodatabase features within feature datasets. I've followed the instructions carefully for correct usage of the search tool, including indexing my folders which contain my data.  However, the search tool continues to not find all geographic data.

For example, if I look for the term "*shp*", successfully finds all kinds of Shapefiles, as well as .xml or .txt files with "shp" in the path or file name.  But, (using a different search term, of course) it does not find any kinds of features located within geodatabases (although it will locate the geodatabase file name).

Also, do we know where ArcGIS hides the index file it builds?  I'd like to investigate as I have some suspicions.