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Clipping two layers with matching column headings

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 11, 2012
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Original User: mharr3636

Hello there.  I am trying to clip two layers that have the matching column headings for my graduate project.  I have a spreadsheet with lake numbers for lakes in Minnesota and a file from the MN DNR Deli that has all of the lake numbers from all of the lakes in the state of MN.  Importing my spreadsheet gives me a point feature of my 1506 lakes from my spreadsheet. The file from the DNR has ~49,000 polygons of the lakes in MN.

The two layers lake_types (point) and watr_dnrpy2 (polygon) have the matching column heading DOWLKNUM.  The lake_types layer has 1506 records while the watr_dnrpy2 has ~49,000 records.  For the final product, I would like to have a layer with the 1506 lakes in polygon format.  So in other words, out of the 49,000 records, I would like to match the DOWLKNUM heading and create a new layer with the 1506 lakes in polygon format.  If anyone is able to help me with this function it would be much appreciated.  I took screenshots of the attribute tables and can be found below.  Thanks.