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Packaging Error - General function failure

Question asked by Jorn.Kristiansengeodata-no-esridist Employee on Nov 6, 2012
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Have some problems with sharing my map on ArcGIS Online:

As a student, I am now working with my master thesis and I use ArcGIS Online as a workflow based sharing networks. I work locally on my computer and share my work with my supervisor via ArcGIS Online. My supervisor downloading the .mpk file and gives me feedback on my work.

This has worked fine until now. Today I was going to send my updated work and I get the error message Error Packaging - General function failure.
I do exactly the same as before, as following: logs in with my ArcGIS Online account (in arcmap), click File --> Share As, Map Package. Overwriting my previously file and hit Share. The analyze process reports no problems. After a while i get the message Packaging Error - General function failure.

What to do?

I'm running ArcGIS for Desktop v 10.1 with SP 1.

Realy hope that some got an solution for this.