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Behaviour of published geoprocessing services for selection

Question asked by ufeliciano on Oct 30, 2012
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Behaviour of geoprocessing tool for selection
I???m working on an AG Server application using the Silverlight viewer that displays the location of where an assessment happened (point feature). This feature class is generated from a table with coordinates in WGS 1984 using the ???Make XY Event Layer??? tool (base map is in State Plane Nad 83). I created models to be published in AG Server that allow the user to select and show a location. I have some questions regarding the behaviour of these published services. The tools do the same, which is to select a point based on a string attribute, but I was testing 2 approaches:

-Publish the tool with a base MXD:


Problem here is that sometimes it shows the correct place for a feature, but for some reason a lot of times the desired feature is displayed wrong, even out of the limits for the Island as shown below. The same feature may display out of place when originally was displayed in the correct location.


The following model was used.


- Geoprocessing service with a result map service:


For this service I just add the step to copy features to a file geodatabase to the model used.


Here I have not experienced the same erratic behaviour described above, but I???m confused on why I do not see any record for the output (in the attribute table), while in the first example I can. I understand the more secure way to publish a geoprocessing tool is by using a Result Map, so I???m leaning towards this approach.

Lastly, is it expected that a new layer is added to the table of contents every time the tool runs while leaving the previous selection on? If so, can this be controlled in the model or by some setting in AG Server? Ideally I want the user to see just what correspond to his/her last selection.

In summary:
1. Why the erratic behaviour using the geoprocessing service with a base MXD?
2. Why I???m not able to see the attribute table when using the geoprocessing service with a result map?
3. Is it expected that every execution of these tools add a new layer to the application? Can it be controlled?

If you can give me some suggestions I???ll appreciate.