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Representing overlapping lines

Question asked by ligia.gafitescu on Oct 25, 2012

My questions is probably a simple one. I have lots of  lines (in one feature class) which share the same location  but I want to represent them as lines that are next to each other because they have different properties (different OWNERS).

So, my first try was  transforming them in "Cartographic Line Symbol' -> 'Line Properties'  set my offset different for each one. Which is fine except:.... I attach a photo of before and after :)


As you can see when I choose to represent the lines according to their owner, due to the offset I get those "ruptured" lines. The offset works great, but I need all the lines to be conneted and ending in a junction. Something like this:


So I tought the solution is to create a representation, but not sure how to use a text field (OWNERS) in order to create those parallel lines (the equivalent of Symbology->Categories-> Unique Values-> Value field: OWNER). I know I should use the offset geometric effect. but that's it.