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Trying To Save An MXD With ArcGIS Online In The MXD

Question asked by geonetadmin on Oct 22, 2012
Original User: gdixon

I am using the Bing Imagery with Labels from ArcGIS online in my map document (MXD). Typically, I can zoom in and zoom out of the imagery with a reasonable response. But, when I try to save the map document ArcMap will give me the not responding message in the title bar. In this instance, it took over 10 minutes to save the map document.  Many times, I have to use the MS Program Manager to kill ArcMap and then go back to my last save or start over.

I do have not problem saving a map document when I am not using ArcGIS Online in the map.

Currently, I am signed into ArcGIS online. I have tried the ArcGIS Connection test and it says Undetermined on the Network Latency Test and Failed on the Network Route Test. See the attached png.

In researching my problem, I discovered the link below which talks about ArcGIS desktop sending messages to the ArcGIS online service. One of the comments there talked about how he was also having trouble saving documents after he renamed the online connection executable, but I have not discovered any other comments about not being able to save map documents when using ArcGIS online.

It describes several solutions but has anyone had this problem while using ArcGIS online and if so what method did you use. I need to use the ArcGIS online, but I also have to save my map documents.

Thanks for any consideration.