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Collect Values to Export to CAD

Question asked by AustinStreetman on Oct 3, 2012
Export to CAD does not like the initial value passed up by Collect Values from a submodel: �??\FeatureClass�?�. I think the problem is associated with the fact that Collect Values is always �??Ready to run�?�. I have managed to get these models to run by providing inputs for everything so that all the models are �??ready to run�?�, but I would prefer not to save them that way. To get it to work, I had to save the sub model with the Value List disconnected from Collect Values and populated with some random feature classes and then add it to the model with the Export to CAD and save. I was then able to go back and fix the submodel and was able to run. But this is a very fragile way to save the models.


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