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Maintaining straight parcel lines with the Parcel Fabric transform tools

Question asked by geonetadmin on Oct 2, 2012
Original User: crlindsa

I'm trying out the the parcel fabric transform tools.  I was wondering if there's a way to make sure the line of a parcel will remain straight when the vertex of the adjacent parcels move.  For example, look at the image below.  If I were to move the one (or several) of the parcels shown on the right, then that would ruin the continuity of a straight line for the parcels on the left.

This image shows how it distorts the straight line.

What I do to fix this is use the Move parcel point tool on the Transform Parcels toolbar to move the vertex of the polygon that needs to be straightened and then I just eyeball it and move the vertex and try to make sure creates a straight line.  Is this basically the only way to make the line straight again?  As much as possible, I try to move the parcels that are sharing the same lines together to avoid this, but sometimes I cannot since the vertexes are not the same as the adjacent parcels like in the images above.

There are no COGO attributes for these parcels so unforunately I cannot recreate them to make sure the polygons have straight lines.