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USA Topo Maps Issues

Question asked by jhartsho on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by geonetadmin
Hi all,  I'm new here and searched the forums for a similar issue but couldn't find one myself.

I am creating 3 separate maps with data points for my sites (I'm trapping insects in different forests).  I can add the basemaps but in the first map I made, I chose USA Topo Maps and got one basemap, created the second map, chose the same USA Topo Maps and got a different basemap.  I have removed the basemap and added it again and still got different results.  I closed it, reopened and started from scratch to no avail.

I can't figure out what is going on that I can't get the same basemap.  If I were only using it for data I wouldn't care as much but I'm hoping to put these images in a talk and want everything to be uniform.  I want them to have the basemap that's included in the Ouachitas image.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance for your help.