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error when running a system variable %n%

Question asked by cgraves-esriaustralia-com-au-esridist on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by geonetadmin
Hi GIS Gurus,

I've created a model that works when running it in edit mode but doesn't when running it from the tool dialog box. This is the scenario:

I've got 3 shapefiles that I'm iterating in a model and processing using an in-line variable (%n%). When I run the model in edit

mode it produces 3 shapefiles (shapefile0, Shapefile1, shapefile2) without any issues. When I run it from the tool dialog box, it runs

without error but for shapefile0, I get the attached error when I try to open the file in ArcCatalog or add it into ArcGIS.

The model I'm running is not large and is running 4 tools (see screenshot). I'm running ArcGIS v10 (SP5).

I've done some research but unable to find any bugs on this.