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viewshed problems

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 16, 2012
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Original User: schuster_sara


I am trying to figure out what is visible to an animal at a given point. Using a handful of points, I used the viewshed function. Everything seemed normal. (shown below on "viewshed jpg" with light green as the visible areas) I am only interested in a 500m radius around the point though, so I created a  buffer around the point.  I tried using the Clip Raster by Polygons feature under Hawth's tools. During this operation, 16 small rasters were created of varying colors. Not quite sure why they are different colors, but I will go with it. Here is the weird part: some of the rasters have bands in the middle of the circle, making it appear to have an error. The missing bands are of different sizes, and don't seem to have a rhyme or reason. I attached a jpg of that too.

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Thanks!