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ExportReport ?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 12, 2012
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I don't know if this belongs on the Amazon forum or not, but here it goes.

I created a Toolbox containing a Python script that uses the arcpy.mapping.ExportReport method.  After successfully executing the tool,
I published it as a geoprocessing service.  When I execute the task, it fails with the following message: This functionality is not supported on server.   Below is an excerpt of the help documentation regarding the ExportReport funactionality.  The documentation states this is not supported on a stand-alone insall of ArcGIS Server, which makes sense.  So, why is it not working on the Amazon instance that has ArcMap for Desktop installed along with ArcGIS for Server?



Desktop » Mapping » Reports


Exports a formatted, tabular report using data from layers or stand-alone tables in a map document along with the report template information that is provided in a report layout file (.rlf).


The ExportReport function provides a mechanism to automate the generation of reports that are originally authored in a map document (.mxd) using the reporting tools available in ArcMap. A report layout file authored in ArcMap is a template that stores information about the content and placement of the items in a report. The report layout file is used along with the source data in a map document to create output reports. The source data can also have associated joins and related table information that is used within the report.

The ExportReport function has a dependency on the ArcMap installation. Therefore, ExportReport can only be executed on machines that have ArcMap installed. ExportReport will not run using stand-alone installations of ArcGIS Engine or ArcGIS for Server.