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Selection Criteria for a composite locator not working in 10

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 10, 2012
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Original User: bwragg


In 9.3 I created 8 address locators for each of the 8 states I was working with. I used the US Single Address style. Then I built a Composite Address locator, added each of the 8 Locators and had a selection criteria like this:

"SuburbAndState" LIKE '% NSW' or "SuburbAndState" = 'NSW'
(NSW is the state and was different for each loactor)

for each of the states locators.

So if an address was entered with the State the Composite address locator would go thru each address locator until it found the correct one, then just search that one only. e.g if I entered "5 tucker st vic" it would just go thru the list of locators and use the VIC one.It was a massive speed improvement...went from being totally unusable when we had each state in 1 massive address locator to being a really fast way to search.

We have 10sp5 and would like to rebuild our address locator in 10 to get the new features and also to add another smaller set of addresses for a nearby country. So I've rebuilt the 8 address locators in 10 & created a 9th one for the new country. I tested them all individually in ArcMap using the Find window and they work great.

But when I create a composite address locator in 10 and enter a selection criteria similar to the above (fieldnames are a bit different but same data):

"State" LIKE '% NSW' or "State" = 'NSW'
also tried just "State"='NSW'

I get no results.

The composite address locator itself seems to be working because if I remove the selection criteria string from each locator it searches them all and I get results. E.g if I search for "5 tucker st" I get results from multiple states. But the moment I create a selection criteria string it stops working. I've using the query builder to make sure I didn't have any bad SQL and it verifies ok.

Attached is a screen grab of the composite address locators settings I'm testing with 1 of the states and the 1 other country.


Any ideas?