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Having PARK as part of a street name and suffix - A Problem

Question asked by ipeebles on Aug 2, 2012
My version of ArcMap is 10.0 SP4.

I am having problems getting PARK to display properly in the find window in ArcMap due to having PARK as part of a street name and a suffix.  Below are a couple of examples:

HouseNum: 100
FullStreetName: 100 SPRING CREEK PARK

In this case, PARK is part of the street name.

HouseNum: 100
Suffix: PARK
FullStreetName: 100 TOWNE SQUARE PARK

Park is a suffix for this street name.

The screenshots below illustrates my issue.  Screenshot #1 shows the incorrect output.  Notice how PARK is listed as a suffix type rather than being part of the street.  Screenshot #2 shows the correct output.  PARK is displayed as a suffix type.

I tried to add in a street name alias of PARK in the XML, but that did not resolve the issue.  If I comment out PARK as part of the suffix alias, I can get the results to match properly, the problem is that I am left with shorthand suffixes such as PK or PRK.  Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue?  Thanks.