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aligning multiple vertex's at once and correcting the thickness of the red lines

Question asked by neyson on Aug 1, 2012
hi all

once again im struggling with an .mxd document...
see the thing is, i need to align all the vertexes from the roads(red) to the compartments(blue). because they are apparently not  aligned correctly(spaces in between). but this is the strange part... the roads(red) suddenly have segments that are slightly thicker then the other segments to which thickness is set to 0.2.
could somebody please explain this? and help me format the document so that all the roads are at a uniform thickness...
i have tried to cut the thick part out, create a new line and then merge it so that the attributes remain the same, but to no avail the thickness of the line still differs.

my boss did mention something about the errors being visible when using the topology function. how can i go about aligning everything so that it is correct to the naked eye and correct in terms of the dataset?

ps. i am primarily using arcmap9.3 but will hopefully have arcgis10.1 soon