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Customize 10 locator to match resulting candidates seen in 9.3

Question asked by ctalleygreenville on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by sacdou
Hello all,

I would like to find out what I need to change in the .lot.xml files that would allow the user to "Find an Address" and have the same candidate results shown in the 10 locator as I did the 9.3 locator. Or at least close to the same candidate results. 

We use CityWorks and it uses our SDE locators to allow the user to enter an address and CityWorks essentially returns a list of candidates to them for that address.  It mimics what the "Find Address" tool does in ArcMap. 

Using a locator that uses a layer of Address Points as ref. layer.  IGNORE that the locators are called "Parcels".  This is a naming requirement by Cityworks.

Example search from 9.3 locator:  The user enters 208 S Main St which doesn't exist. Below are the results.  It returns candidates that are at least nearby.

Example search from 10 locator:  the user enters the same address, but no candidate is even shown until I click "show all candidates".  Those candidates are horrible.  What can I alter to make this work more like it does in 9.3?

In 9.3 locators, I had altered us_addr2.mat and some .cls files.  But what I altered there doesn't seem to easily transfer to what I would edit in the USAddress.lot.xml.

I have been looking at the Customizing a Locator in 10 white paper, but was hoping someone could more quickly steer me in the right direction!