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Splitting imported models

Question asked by daniel.oshaughnessy on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
Good evening,

In order to streamline the process of calculating program at a project-wide level, we would like to be able to import models generated with other software (Rhino, for example) and use CityEngine to quickly come up with GFA by program type, FAR, etc.

To do this, we wrote a simple script that imports a model as .OBJ, splits that model into "floors" based on an input floor height, reports floor areas, and displays the models split into floors and colored by land use. No problem, right?

This works like a charm as long as you deal with small models - one block at a time, simple geometry, etc. But as it becomes more complicated, the script falls apart for some reason. Here are some screen shots from my own tests showing this problem.

1) Original Rhino file for the test...I've added 4 different model "types" to test out.

2) Single building - works great!

3) Two buildings - also works great!

4) Simple block - 8 different buildings and still working!

5) Complex block - circles, funky angles, and still working!

Some examples of this NOT working following the break.....5 images is the max per post....