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Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 27, 2012
Original User: SStrand

I created a map on strictly for the ability to open it using the ArcGIS smart phone application. The problem is that when you open the map in mobile and click on a feature, the first little popup bubble continually references the background basemap instead of the feature.

To be specific, I have a polygon feature over a race track and a user can click on a piece of the track to get links and information about it. But when you first click on a segment, a bubble pops up labeled "slow ln" and lat/long coordinates. If you click on that bubble, then the correct popup related to the data will show. Is there anyway to bypass these useless basemap popups so that it is more user friendly for people who just want to look at the data?

If you want to see the map in mobile, search for "buttonwillow" and choose the "Buttonwillow Raceway Instruction" map.