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Integrate w/ Point Values

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 25, 2012
Original User: abehrer


I'm trying to conduct a cluster analysis of point values (well heads in PA) and the cluster analysis tools do not do quite what I want.  I'm looking for a tool that will look at my point data, group it by operator, and then tell me the number of 'clusters' where wells are within 5 miles of each other for each operator and tell me the number of wells in each cluster.  As far as I can tell the cluster analysis tools will not break by point data down into multiple clusters per operator.  However, I seem to have found a way to do it with integrate and collect events.  The screen shot of the model builder process that I've used is below:


This process will give me the output that I want but I don't know how it is working.  Integrate appears to be designed to run with polygon data so can anyone tell me how it works with my point data?

As a follow-on, the process has split the wells of one operator into two different clusters along a line that I don't entirely understand (pictured below).  In the grouping on the left, the light yellow points have been integrated into the two highlighted points above and below the blue line.  The tolerance for the integrate was five miles, however, the points immediately above and below the blue line are more than five miles away from either one of the highlighted points.  Why did integrate split the cluster along this line and assign the points just above the line to the upper highlighted point and the ones just below the line to the lower highlighted point? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!