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How to explicity invoke the zoom/pan with out a event trigger

Question asked by harshana on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by geonetadmin
Hi All,

I have create a map on the fly by getting the rings of a selected zip codes, counties or states. But when the map loads for the first time I found the boundary areas (this is added by the NeilsenLayer) is not showing.

But this is not a problem with setting the nelson layer since even for the first time loading of the map, the nelson layer is already there in the map object as I check it by debugging it in firebug. But once I do a little zoom or move the map it shows the map successfully with boundaries as in below first image  

How can I explicitly call the zoom or move the map after loads just a couple of pixel using java script API , so that I can view the correct map with boundaries (borders) ?

The two attachment show how the map load first time with out the boundaries for zip codes added and how it shows the boundaries successfully when i do a little zoom or pan the map bit.

Also if some one can give me a hint why I missing those boundaries when first time map loads and zoom little bit will give me the correct map, then i dont need to explicity call the zoom or pan. But any way I would like to hear the answer for my initial question how to zoom or pan the map explicitly with out trigger a event.

Thank You.