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Raster Export/Display Error & Mosaicking processing time

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by ptaurman-esristaff
Original User: giraffeking

Hi All,

I've been having trouble with my raster imagery.  I have 7 high quality orthophotos that I'm using, and while I want to Mosaic them, It wouldn't be absolutely necessary if when I exported my maps to .pdf's there weren't cut-off issues.  I've attached an image - I get cut-offs when viewing in layout space on Arc10, but even when I reposition the map so that I can see everything properly when i go to export there is still cut-off.  I've also tried mosaicking and just to put 2 jpeg2000s together takes me about 13 minutes.  I know this is partially due to having an older machine but when I tried to put all 7 together I let it run for 2 hours and it never completed. I suppose I can add one at a time but I also have an issue with display when those 2 images are mosaicked. Not a big issue and I can fix it with image processing, but I'm curious why it seems as if the exposure increases once they are mosaicked. I've attached a screen-shot of the difference (lighter is Mosaic)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.