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map is not populate with borders

Question asked by harshana on May 27, 2012
There are two situations where i populate a map. One is when click on edit for a saved geography and other one is populating map in the middle of a work flow of creating geography (at this point there are no saved features for execute a query against them)

So when i click on edit it execute a query with executeQueryTask and add the necessary objects to the which in other approach when i need to populate the map middle of the work flow (and i don't have saved Features in arc gis at this point to query against), I get the rings for the selected ZIPs/States and construct the necessary objects needed to as I listed in my initial post.

But when populating the map with latter approach I see the borders (differencing States etc) are not showing but with executeQueryTask approach it shows them successfully. Initially i thought its because with executeQueryTask i set query.spatialRelationship and with other approach I didn't. But seems like its also not the problem. Can you please suggest how can i get those borders in the map?

i have attached two screen shots also how it see with and with out border in map.