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Success with HATCHING used in Graticule Grid? Anyone? Anyone?

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 7, 2012
Original User: DeSchlong

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I am getting display artifacts when I use internal HATCHING for my Graticule Grid, but I suspect there is something wrong with ESRI's implementation. Has anyone used this with success?  If you don't know what hatching is, make a graticule for your map, and you will see a tab called "Hatching" when you edit the properties.  I am not referring to hatching as a way to theme a polygon.

Here is an example.  Spacing is every 30 minutes.  Coloured pink for dramatic effect. I have also included a screenshot of my Hatching properties tab.  Note that there are lines that A. Do not point North/South as they should nor East/West as they should ... off at some funny angle, AND B. there are lines that are less than 30 minutes apart. Why, ESRI, why?

Thanks for any help.