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How do I clip a raster with a polygon in ArcGIS 10?

Question asked by mark91345 on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by geonetadmin
As per the first image Click image for larger version [ATTACH=CONFIG]14125[/ATTACH], I have a raster in which I created an irregular polygon which I want to cut out, but KEEP the rest of the raster.

    Using Extract by Mask, it removed everything except for the polygon Click image for larger version [ATTACH=CONFIG]14126[/ATTACH]; however, what I want is the opposite:

    I want to KEEP the raster portion, but remove the polygon-shaped portion .

    I'm not sure if I used the wrong tool, or what to do from here (note, everything was projected NAD83 UTM 10, so projections should not be an issue).