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Problem adapting Tax Parcel Viewer to my services

Question asked by lbrannon on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by lbrannon
I am adapting the Tax Parcel Viewer from the link below to my map services.  The basics are working fine, but the problem appears to be with the InfoWindow. 

Tax Parcel Viewer

The problem is that when I click on a record in the Search (FindTask) results table, the target feature is highlighted on the map (which is good) but the app does not zoom to the feature or show the InfoWindow for that feature as it is supposed to.  All this works perfectly fine though if I just click directly on a feature on the map.  The problem only occurs when selecting a record in the Search results table.  Furthermore, it will work fine from the Search results table if I 'hard code' in the InfoWindow Title text, as opposed to what I want which is to pass in a variable attribute value from the Graphics object.

When using Firebug to debug, the app code halts at line 183 - the map.infoWindow.setTitle statement.  So something about the infoWindow or infoTemplate, plus the passing of a variable, is not working properly with the results table click event.

Any insight would be welcomed. Thanks much.

Code attached as Zip files - one Zip has the Index.html and the other Zip has the Common.js and Config.js.