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Advanced Labeling for stretched renderer with Hi/Low values

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 1, 2012
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Original User: gallysam

Hope someone can help me on this cause it is driving me mad..

I have some raster data (ArcGis Grids) and need to represent them on stretch display using advanced labeling, Problem is that I cant make it work using modified max and min values. I wonder if that is a limitation of the program or it it a bug.
After setting proper render (Min/Max) I go to labeling and let the program create the labels and intervals...ll goes well( first screenshot).
Then If I change the values on the min/max, set the labels and all I get is the old min max color ramp with no labels ( You can see the result in second image). If I go and insert the legend I get the color ramp with the value brakes but not labels. In the table of contents I can see there are empty labels but can´t edit the text on them. Found somewhere that there was a bug related to this but I´m on ArcGis10 SP3 and according to SP info that bug was fixed