Mosaic Command in Spatial Anaylist ArcGIS10...

Discussion created by edapoole on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by edapoole
OK, I have just upgraded my version of ArcGIS to version 10 and I now have a few issues with Spatial Anaylist maybe someone can help with:

Baically what I am trying to do is use the raster calculator "mosaic" function (like I did in ArcGIS 9.x) to mosaic a few DEM's together.  The nice part about using the raster calculator was that the result did not produce "no data" all over the place.  The regular mosaic tool in ArcGIS does mosaic the data, but it throws in a bunch of "no data" and then I have to clip the darn thing.  Is there any way to do this in Raster Calculator on Version 10?  If not, this is a giant step back if I have to mosaic, then create a layer to clip on, then clip each mosaic....  More steps for the same result...  Thanks