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Conflict polygons within mosaic of blended rasters

Question asked by bock01 on Apr 13, 2012
I am attempting to mosaic many individual rasters into a large continuous mosaic.  The individual images are taken from screengrabs of ROV camera footage, then warped in Arc using vehicle data to correctly reference image corners.  At this stage, I am trying to mosaic several hundred images together while feathering (blending) the overlapping areas.  There is significant mismatch between images (caused in part by lighting conditions, motion of the vehicle and roughness of source data) in some areas.  As a first pass, I removed all visibly distorted or unusable images before the mosaicking step.  I have used many different workflows to try and mosaic the images together, including mosaicking straight from individual rasters, adding rasters to a mosaic dataset, adding rasters to a raster catalog, and even mosaicking rasters together two-by-two before assembling the larger image.  I am having difficulty with areas of significant overlap where a polygonal area appears in the mosaic that is not blended but rather taken from one image alone.  Increasing the cell size of the raster dataset (on creation) appears to lessen the abundance of such features, but does not solve the problem.  I have attached some images that show the difficulty.

I have played around with image footprints and seamlines to try and solve this issue, but to no avail.  I am still quite a novice with Arc and GIS software in general, and would greatly appreciate any input the community may have on my issue.  Thank you for the help!