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ArcGIS 10 SP4: Polygon/Point/Polyline to Raster tools not working

Question asked by Sander77 on Apr 11, 2012
Could someone who's also running ArcGIS 10 with Service Pack 4 please check if he or she can run the Polygon/Point/Polyline To Raster tool in the Conversion Toolbox?
I'm using an ArcInfo + Spatial Analyst license (but that should not be a problem anyway) on WinXP Pro 32-bits, but I cannot run these tools. A few months ago (when I was still running SP3) it worked fine.

Whenever I click the toolbox, nothing happens (no dialog pops up) and the toolbox icon is marked with a red x.
As you can see, this only happens with the lower 3 tools. ASCII to Raster for instance works fine.

If I try to open the toolbox from the Search Window, I get an error message:

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


EDIT: Well... it seems to work now. Restarting my laptop seemed to do the trick. Still kinda strange though that only these 3 tools were affected, so maybe ESRI Staff members find this information helpful. Otherwise: topic closed.