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Table Join to Shapefile issue [picture]

Question asked by samantham on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2012 by geonetadmin
I downloaded median house hold value by census tract from American Fact Finder 2. I converted it from data retrieved from csv to a standard excel workbook. Even though the shapefile and the data table share a common trait in which to do a join, it will not let me. In the shapefile the common attribute is stored as a string, and in the excel workbook I believe it is stored as number if that makes a difference. If it does please see image 3 attached where I try making a new column with field calculator.

Image 1: Shows a picture of ARCgis attribute window and the excel table side by side to see that the two share a common field, the census tract number which is termed "name" in the attribute table for the shape file, and "geography" in the excel data table (marked in red)

Image 2: When I select the shapefile to perform the join, nothing comes up in the combo box.

Image 3: If the reason for not being able to join is because the name field in the shape file is being stored as a string, while in the excel file its a number. To try and fix this, assuming this is the problem, I made a new field and tried using field calculator to copy over the string as text