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Recognizing url links

Question asked by gregg.breton on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by FCD_MillerC
Received an excel spreadsheet with url links to weather stations. Copy and paste the url into a broswer and it takes you to the particular weather station. Created a shapefile to upload to ArcGIS online. The url is not recoginized

Proceeded to test in ArcMap, links to weather station ok. If I configured a popup and just tested the "link to image" and populated with the link field, it recognizes the link and takes me to the  weather station.

When you use the identify tool and click on a feature in ArcGIS Online, it does not recognize the url link. Tried to replace [ with [ and ] with ]
I tried a few different scenarios. For example truncating the url down to sensor-stations, it is recognized. I believe it is the brackets? Has anyone had this experience?

I have attached a shapefile with a couple hundred locations, below is an example of the url links

ILIAMNA RIVER NEAR PEDRO BAY 9ESE     59.75861111   -153.8447222[b:20;a:13160]
Kashwitna River near Willow                     61.926389 -150.070833[b:3;a:13348]
Chalkyitsik                                   66.64946667 -143.7274333[b:1;a:13728]
Allen River near Aleknagik                     60.15 -158.733333[b:3;a:13349]
Prudhoe Bay                                   70.275 -148.565     [b:18;a:11060]