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Need to understand the way edges are generated on point density or kernel density

Question asked by deleted-user-AzQ5lcTQbS2a on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by GAlallasundaram-esristaff
I'm running a point density model and I'm not understanding why or how the edges of the study area are computed.  In the process run on the point layer of renters (the purplish raster), the study are seems abruptly cut off in and the total area returned is a much smaller area than that of the owners points (bluish raster).  Not only that, the raster seems be be cut off right in the middle of a dense area on the west side of the study area.  I need to be able to explain why this abrupt cut off happens, especially when I'm applying a stretched symbology to smooth out the surface. 
How is the cutoff for that west edge of the study area calculated?