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ArcGIS10:Use Control Points of GeoReferencing to match 3 location points of jpg&accdb

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 14, 2012
Original User: ScottChang25

Hi all,

1) I created an "Access 2007" accdb file of XY coordiates for 8 points in Database Connections of ArcCatalog 10. I did "ADD Data" of this accdb file to the mxd Map. I also did "ADD Data" to bring a "Google Earth Pro" jpg file of the "the 8 points" area figure to the mxd Map. I did "Zoom To Layer" to these 2 figures on the mxd Map, and then I used the "Control Points" of GeoReferencing to match the 3 outside points.  Each time I did the "Control Points" operation, the jpg was rotated and became skewed - see the attached file for details. 
2) Several months ago, I used "Excel 2007" xlsx file of the same XY coordiates for the 8 points in the regular folder and brought the same jpg file to my ArcGIS 10. I had no problems to use the "Control Poins" of GeoRefencing to match the 3 outside points - see the second page of the attached file.

Please kindly help and tell me what is wrong in 1) and how to solve the problems of skewed jpg map.

Scott Chang