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Workflow for creating Referenced Mosaic Datasets & Managing Overviews

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 7, 2012
Original User: Playa

I've created a Base Imagery SDE Geodatabase. Within the Geodatabase I've created a Mosaic Dataset for a particular custodian "DWA" and for a particular time slice "2000". The idea is that I'll load all the imagery available for the country (South Africa) as it becomes available into the particular Mosaic Dataset. At this stage I've loaded imagery that is required for two projects (i.e. LBVV and BOCMA). I then want to create a "Referenced Mosaic Dataset" based on the Base Imagery for the particular custodian and time slice (i.e. LBVV_DWA_2000). The first problem that I have is that you can't create a "Referenced Mosaic Dataset" and build "Overviews" for a "Referenced Mosaic Dataset". It makes not sense to build "Overviews" on the Base Imagery Mosaic Datasets as they are going to change continuously as imagery becomes available from the particular custodian. Each Project will require a different extent of imagery that I wish to represent with a Referenced Mosaic Dataset. The "Overviews" should be based on the "Referenced Mosaic Datasets" extent and not the Based Imagery Mosaic Datasets. If I build "Overviews" on the Based Imagery Mosaic Datasets and then generate a "Referenced Mosaic Dataset" using a Feature Class to define the extent, the "Overviews Footprints" that are intersected by the selection are included. I've attached print screen to further explain the problem. Please can ESRI or the user community assist with a workflow to resolve the following. I really feel that the ability of not being able to generate "Overviews" for "Referenced Mosaic Datasets" was not well thought through when developing the concept of Mosaic Datasets.