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Projecting from UTM results in stairstep pattern

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 6, 2012
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Original User: rs60

I have a high resolution RapidEye image that was delivered in UTM 10, WGS84.  When I reproject this image, the resulting output has a systematic stairstep pattern in it that seems too uniform.  Every 31 to 32 pixels in both the north/south and east/west direction, there is a shift of 1-2 pixels.   It really stands out in the roads and other linear features found throughout the image.  I am getting the same result when I reproject any UTM image to another projection and/or datum, although the length of the stairsteps varies depending on the output projection.  But if my input imagery is in a different projection, say Geographic, I am not seeing this systematic shift in the output;  the linear features have a more normal, irregular nearest-neighbor blockiness. 

I've attached a .jpg of an output image.  Again, the absolute uniformity of the stairsteps throughout the output image is what raises questions with me.

Is this just a function of reprojecting from UTM and is "normal"?  Or is there a problem with the transformation? 

I would really appreciate any insight that could be provided.