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Creating automation of Parallelogram

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 29, 2012
Original User: njcallaghan

I have a project that I would like to automatically create a parallelogram to represent a overpass/bridge/culvert.

At this time I have LENGTH of the Bridge, WIDTH of the bridge, and this is the tricky part SKEW.  Skew is defined by the angle of the abutment of approach based on the centerline. The approach will be the same as the end abutment.  We have agreed that a positive skew would be a right/clockwise abutment.  A left skew would be a left/counter clockwise abutment.  I am told this will take care of about 95% of the bridges we have in the state.    The attached can give you an example of the design i am working with regards to the skew.


Any Ideas would be great.  My basic thought process was to create a line, buffer it with the width and somehow create the skew angle on the endpoints.  My goal is to get some type of surface to grid, and create isolines for pavement improvements. 

I want the end product to resemble the following; (does not have to spatial have geographic representation) 


I don't mind this to be either be done in Model Builder or script.  The most important thing is the SKEW of the abutments.

thanks for the inputs