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Export Mesh and Material Granularity

Question asked by thyandrecardoso on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by thyandrecardoso
Hello :)

I have a sort of a vague question:
- does it make sense to allow a more specific material and mesh granularity options in CE.
I'm not on a comfortable zone here, as I'm no 3D expert... please bear with me with me. Nevertheless, consider the the pictures attached.

The building has "picking boxes" around each floor. For the purposes of the application we're working on, each picking box mesh must have a unique ID. However, the picking box material is exactly the same.
The second picture is how the building is imported into Unity3D. It shows different meshes and materials.

The building was exported with "merge by material".

In this specific case, I would like to:
- have only 1 mesh for everything that is *not* a picking box;
- have only 1 material for the picking boxes (less materials, means less "draw calls" on Unity, means better application performance)
- have different meshes for the picking boxes, uniquely identified.

I think this is not possible within CE. Is it?
But I think it makes sense at least to allow to merge everything into one single mesh? However, no such option exists within the exporter.

What do you think about this? All of these things relate to performance issues on game engines.