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XY Event Source not Labeling Correctly in Model Builder

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 30, 2012
Original User: lepagano

Hello All,

I am using the model builder to automate temperature and precipitation maps for a given area.  Everything is working correctly with the interpolation and the yielded raster map with contour lines.  However, getting the values (of either the precip or temperature) does not show up properly.  I set the XY Event Source output to equal a map layer I created to keep the text style, size, etc. the way I want.  But it still comes up incorrect.  It seems within the Properties that you can set a Layer symbology which only looks at the type of symbol you want, not the actualy label for that symbol.  Does anyone know how to label values in the model builder that will stay the same through each model run (using different number).  I just want the labels to look the same.