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Online Map Viewer sees layer; ArcGIS Explorer does not

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by Lynn_Carlson
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I have created a map using ArcGIS On Line and shared it to the public.  The map is using esri's gray canvas basemap, and a layer from my ArcGIS Server (10 running under Win 2008 Server).

I am able to view the map in the Map Viewer.  I am also able to open it from ArcGIS On Line via "open in ArcMap".  In ArcMap, I can also Add Data and navigate to use GIS Services, add in the URL for my server, find the layer and add it / query it. 

However, when I choose to open the map using the ArcGIS Explorer OnLine option, I only see the gray canvas basemap.  The layer being served from my own server has a broken link symbol and a message that says the layer is inaccessible.

Of greater concern is that I am also unable to see the layer in esri's iOS app (it is "on"); although I can see the gray canvas basemap, zoom, pan, etc.

Can anyone help me figure out why I can see the layer in some of the applications and not in others?

The map service is:

Thanks for any advice