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�??Table to Domain�?� command with �??Append�?� as an �??Update�?� option

Question asked by on Jan 16, 2012
�??Table to Domain�?� command with �??Append�?� as an �??Update�?� option

I have a geodatabase (attached) with a domain named D1 that takes the values A, B, C (screenshot1).


I wanted to import a new values for the domain D1 from an excel table (attached). I used the command �??Table to domain�?� with an option �??Append�?� to import the column with a header named �??D1�?� from the excel file E and Sheet S1. This column contains the values B, C, D. I got the error shown in the screenshot below


What is supposed to happen to the domain named �??D1�?�? I expected that the new values of the domain �??D1�?� will will be: A, B, C and D! but that didn�??t take place!

Then what is the critical difference between �??Replace�?� and �??Append�?� options when using the command �??Table to Domain�?�?

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