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Web Map won't open in Internet Explorer 8 or 9

Question asked by jrfishe1 on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by geonetadmin

I have a web map that is behaving very oddly. I can see it in firefox with no problems, but in IE 9 it fails to load to the map viewer entirely, and in IE8 I get an error message about an unresponsive script. I did notice that when I view the details for the web map in IE9 it shows the map contents as entirely blank for some reason. I'm attaching screenshots that show how the web map looks in the map viewer when using IE9, how the web map description looks in firefox, and how the web map description looks in IE9. Any ideas on what could be going wrong and how to fix it? Is IE simply not fully compatible with