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R10 IRasterDataSet Inconsistent Results

Question asked by porter_alexander on Jan 9, 2012
I recently upgraded from 9.3 to 10.0 and a piece of my VB.NET code that worked fine in 9.3 is giving some results that I have not been able to explain.  My code opens an existing raster dataset and creates a copy in a different raster workspace with a different name.  Then it goes on to do some calculations and writes the new values out to the new raster... There are at least 4 anamolies.  First, when I use ArcCatalog (R10) to preview the just created raster (low_comval) the preview changes drastically depending on if the ArcCatalog window is sized or full screen (see the attached jpg's).  Second, the full sized jpg shows a mix of both the new values and those from the original copy.  Third, when the properties window is opened in ArcCatalog it shows a "name" of dx0-6000 just below the Statistics line (see jpg); not the low_comval name.  Fourth, the min, max, mean, etc. displayed in the properties window are for the copied-from raster.  Recalculating the statistics does not change them...  The dx0-6000 name is a raster dataset that was used as a copy two generations back... Any one have any idea what's going on here?