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Limited Map Series with the Same Piece of Information

Question asked by chadfette on Dec 6, 2011
Fellow Arc Users,

I have just been assigned a new project for the company i work for. It is basically an appendage to a land contract. Each contract contains a deed with a description of the land being sold. We are also including a series of three (3) maps for each contract that show bordering tracts with a blank background, an ortho background, and a topo background.

The issue is that we do a lot of these contracts (roughly 100 per week). That means i have to generate 300 maps a week. The maps themselves are not challenging, but there has to be a more efficient way to do these than to generate a .pdf for each map and exporting them as individual maps labeled 1,2,3.

The maps do not need to be saved. I simply need each map as a pdf to forward to our attorney to complete final assembly of the contract.

My current strategy is:

Use the assessment shapefile to select each tract by tax id.
Pan to selection (scale is not important, as long as it is consistent between the three)
export blank background pdf (1)
turn on ortho layer and export pdf (2)
turn off ortho layer and turn on topo layer (3)

Select next tract. Repeat. The tracts are selected through a spreadsheet that contains labeling information.

I am not sure data driven pages is a solution, as each map needs to be at the same location, but there may be a way to do this that i am unaware of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



(attached are working examples)