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Use raster value for symbology but display description in legend

Question asked by giffordpinchot on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by geonetadmin

I have several map documents, each of which displays quite a few rasters. I have created .lyr files to have consistent symbology based on the value of the raster cell. However, I have another field in my raster which describes that value (1 = > 50 acres; 2 = > 100 acres, etc.). I would like to display this latter value in the legend, instead of, or in addition to the actual value. However, I can't make a .lyr based on the description because it's different for each raster. I know I can manually type the description into the label column when doing the symbology (this is classified, by the way) but I'm looking to do it programatically or with some built-in functionality that I've missed previously.

So, in the image below, I have the symbology as in the picture but I want to populate the label (or at least show it somehow in my legend) with what's in the "descrpt" field of the attribute table.

Please help!