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Mosaic Dataset Blending Techniques

Question asked by jgamble-esri-ca-esridist on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by geonetadmin

A little background info:  I have a mr.sid file that I am trying to mosaic with several .tif files.  The MrSID was taken in the fall whereas the .tifs were taken in the spring/summer, so there is a noticable colour difference between the two.  I have added a first order colour correction to the MD to try and correct this which has done a somewhat 'ok' job of doing.  My problem comes when trying to blend the two datasets so that they appear to be one. 

I have set the mosaic operator to 'blend' in the layer properties of the MD and the results look great at small scales.  However, when zooming into larger scales the blend disappears and I am left with a hard edge between the two images.  My goal is to have a soft blended edge between the two images - what am I doing wrong?  Would the colour differences between to two image sets cause an issue with the blend or am I setting an incorrect option?

(A few screen caps to help out at 1:36,000 & 1:18,000)