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Iterate Feature Class iterates through 1st tool but not thereafter

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 22, 2011
Original User: jgenivive

The model (image attached) contains several simple steps to add & calculate fields, and runs beautifully if my input is only 1 single polygon layer.  If I try use Iterate Feature Class (input = Folder containing polygons), the model runs and appears to iterate.  However, only Step #1 (add field) actually iterates correctly, i.e. a new field is added to each polygon.  From there on out, each step is applied, and re-applied, to the very first polygon in the iteration. 

Based on the written output (image also attached), for some reason I cannot figure out, every tool after the first one is pulling up Polygon #1 as its input.

Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks.