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How to assemble connected lines into unique groups

Question asked by dnagel on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by dnagel
Hi All -

Let's say I have a single shapefile with 5 connected lines (edges) in one group, and another 7 connected lines in a second group. I want to assign all the lines in group 1 with a unique ID and all of the lines in group 2 with a unique ID. I just can't think of a workflow that I could implement in Python.

Due to the size of the dataset (100,000s), manual selection will not work. I can't use the Envelope polygons because the rectangular polygons will overlap sometimes. I know this could be done with a networking solution, but I'm trying to avoid the overhead of building networks thousands of times. Also, I could convert to raster and use regiongroup, but I want to avoid that too because of file sizes. Can anyone think of a solution? This one really has me stumped.

Thank you - Dave