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Adding 1 edit to a feature class slows versioned layers to a crawl.

Question asked by Jirwin_1 on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by gman
I am experiencing very slow redraw times in ArcMap, when connected to a versioned layer AFTER adding and saving at least 1 edit.

I started by ensuring the database was cleaned up as follows (via nightly scripts);
- Reconcile/post all versions
- Compress the database (Cleaned out A & D tables)
- Remove all versions
- Validate entire ROADSNETWORK topology
- Rebuild editor versions
- Analyse  ROADSNETWORK featuredataset

Now I bring in a few layers and everything works snappy under all versions. I go into one of the layers and make a single edit under JIM version and save.  From this point on the map redraws at a crawl and will stay that way untill I run the above scripts again.  The slowness will only happen while I am referencing a layer under the JIM version.  The other versions (with no edits) and DEFAULT remain snappy.

So, with that said, there seems to be something going on when a layer is being accessed through a version with a state_id.  Anyone have any clues?

I am using ArcSDE 9.3.1 with Oracle 11g R1 on Windows Server 2008.

Jim Irwin