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ArcGIS10 - "Ghost" Attachment table leading in mapservice launch issue

Question asked by ACUSIG on Aug 17, 2011
[Newbie inside]

Hi all,

I added several feature datasets including respectively several polygon feature classes to a map.
In order to improve the information delivered, one asks me to create an attachment to one of the feature class for testing attachments capabilities.

The map was published trough a webservice (map + feature enabled) without any issue. After testing, one asked me to delete the attachement which were not sufficiently relevant.

I delete the attachment + relation in ArcEditor still without issue. I verified in the Postgres database (driven by ArcSDE) if everything was dropped and all about it was clear.

I started to re-publish the service and then get an error message (see attached Errorpublication.jpg) telling that the service can't be published due to a table not found. The table name was the one I just deleted.  

When I take a look into the Set Data Sources panel it seems that my table or at least its relationship is still present somewhere (see attached Listetables.jpg). Maybe in the SDE Table registry ?

Question is : Can you tell me what to do to break gently this sort of "ghost" relation and also pointing what I'm maybe doing wrong ?

I'm in a hurry cause the big boys are, as usual, running around me to get their toys back ... :D

Config : ArcEditor > ArcSDE/PostgreSQL 8.3 > ArcGIS Server Entreprise, version 10sp2

Thanks a lot for any help !
Have a nice day all,

[/Newbie inside]